A £2 million business loan in less than two weeks

A £2 million business loan in less than two weeks, for a customer looking to buy their chosen property before a holiday

If you are in need of a residential or business loan within a short time period, high street lenders may be too hesitant or may require too many documents to lend within this time frame. Connect Mortgages has a vast array of specialist lenders willing to provide fast, short-term funding even in the millions.

With a value of £5.25m, the customer needed a £2.1m loan to secure the business property before going on holiday. One of Connect Mortgage’s specialist lenders successfully offered the full amount with a loan-to-value of 39%. The whole process, including reviewing documentation and actually delivering the funding only took two weeks, meaning that the customer could go on holiday with peace of mind. If you are in need of short-term or fast property finance, take a look at Bridging Finance, or contact one of our specialist advisers today on 01708 676 111.

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