A Buy-to-Let Expat in a High Risk Country

A BTL Expat in a High-Risk Country

High risk country expats may typically face complications when seeking property finance. Regardless of this, having the correct knowledge and contacts means that these restrictions will be overcome.

Combining an expat and a high risk country with a buy-to-let enquiry, proved to be a case which Connect Mortgages and one of our specialist lenders triumphed due to factors including

  • A high level of expertise
  • Remaining dedicated to the case
  • Flexible lending

Other diverse factors of this case saw the mortgage seeker wanting the house divided into two apartments to be let out, which would follow renovation and conversion costs. Adding to this, they were aiming to raise money in their current buy-to-let property in their own country to fund the purchase, which proved difficult as they had a low rental yield.

In the end, Connect Mortgages were successful in finding the perfect lender, who offered the following,

“A £400,000 second-charge loan on the original buy-to-let property following onto an exit route which was put the new one, plus a 3 year term of equity on the buy-to-lets”.

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