Second Charge Commissions

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Packaged If you are a broker with the right permissions, you can use our packaged service to access this lender
Total Commission This is the total amount we receive from the lender to cover both the broker commission and the packaging commission where applicable
Connect Network This is the gross rate of broker commission paid to members of the Connect Network before deduction of their Network share.
Other Brokers This is the rate of commission a broker will receive when they are authorised directly by the FCA or through another Network to Connect and remain responsible for the client advice.
Castle TrustYes2%1.5%1.2%
Central TrustYes2%1.5%1%
Precise No1.5%1.5%Refer only
Prestige - Second Charge - All BTLYes2%1.5%1%
Prestige - Second Charge - PF1,2,3,4Yes2%1.5%1%
Prestige - Second Charge - PF5Yes2.5%1.75%1.25%
Prestige - Second Charge - PF6Yes3%2%1.5%
Prestige - Second Charge - PF7,8, 9Yes1.5%1.25%1%
Shawbrook - Second charge BTL and BusinessYes2%1.5%1%
Shawbrook - Second charge Standard and PrimeYes1.5%1%0.75%
Shawbrook - Second charge Three productYes10%7.5%5%
Together - Unregulated BTL 1sts and 2ndsYes2.25%1.75%1.25%
Together - RESIDENTIAL 2nds up to £50kYes2.5%1.75%1.25%
Together - RESIDENTIAL 2nds Over £50kYes2.25%1.5%1%
Together - Consumer BTL 2nds (under £100k)Yes2.25%1.75%1.25%
Together - Consumer BTL 2nds (£100K-£200k)Yes2%1.5%1%
Together - Consumer BTL 2nds (over £200K)Yes1.75%1.25%1%
Together - Commercial Term 1sts and 2ndsYes1.25%1%0.75%
West One - PrimeYes1.5%1%0.75%
West One - Apex 1 & 2 productsNo2%1.5%Refer only
West One - BTL plansNo2.25%1.65%Refer only
United Trust BankNo1%1%Refer only

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