Business Loans

Do you own a business and need funding?

At Connect Mortgages, we can help you to access finance for your business even if you do not have a property for the funds to be secured against. This is because we have access to lenders who can offer unsecured loans for business purposes.

You can borrow unsecured loan amounts from £5,000 up to £500,000. Our lenders will only take a personal guarantee and there is no debenture required.

Key loan purposes include:
  • Cash flow and expansion funding
  • Buying stock and hiring staff
  • Purchase of assets
  • Contracts and projects
  • Deposit for commercial mortgage
  • Refinancing existing unsecured borrowing
  • To fund a HMRC liability
  • Refurbishment of business premises

This funding is even available for Property Investment/rental businesses. The lender can consider loan sizes typically up to 25% of the turnover and for property businesses this could be used for example to fund the deposit of another Buy to Let purchase.

If you are looking to set up a new business this solution may not be right for you, but there may be other ways we can help

If you own your own home or another property we have lenders who can assist with loans for start up businesses secured against one of these properties.

You may also want to explore the Government backed Start-up loan with free business support. Through this scheme, you could borrow up to £25000 to kick start your new business for 1-5 years and at a fixed interest rate of 6%.

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We helped an established Company to raise £150000 to expand their business.

The company used the money to grow their business by investing in marketing and new staff enabling them to reach their new business targets.


Feeling unsure what direction to take for the expansion or start of your business?

Please give us a brief summary of what it is you would like to do and we will come back to you quickly to let you know how we can help. If you want to talk to us immediately, please call 01708 676 111.

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