Register with our New Mortgage System

Connect for Intermediaries have partnered with OMS, an exciting new and forward thinking system that fully understands the needs of the specialist broker. This system has been designed from the ground up so that it can take care of the process and advisers can dedicate their time to what really matters, providing the best advice and maintaining close relationships with their clients.

Registering on OMS will give you the following benefits

  • 24/7 case tracking and automated alerts so you can see what’s happening with your cases at all times
  • Pre-populated application documents to save you time and improve efficiency
  • Integrated sourcing across our entire panel of lenders when you submit a DIP
  • Generate KFIs, including evidence of research for your cases, and the products sourced, all in one place
  • Document uploading to help you get information where it needs to be quicker and easier
  • All of this, and it’s completely FREE for you to use!

With Connect you only ever have to enter information once! All information is saved as you progress through each stage of the process. You never have to repeat work using our pre-populated application forms. The information transfers across automatically saving you hours of time.


Why it’s good to work with Connect for Intermediaries?

Connect is an Award Winning, Market Leading, Mortgage Distributor, Packager and Network built on over 20 years of experience and a reputation for quality and service to match. Connect boasts access to both exclusive products and on-site underwriters, helping ensure you are getting the best deal for your client as quickly and easily as possible.


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